S T E V E N  A M A Y A
P H O T O G R A P H E R :  Steven is self-taught in both camera and darkroom skills.  He prefers to work with film in 35mm and medium format and usually in black and white.  He makes his own prints, typically on silver gelatin, selenium-toned fiber based paper. Printing may be done on demand to a requested size and all prints are stamped and signed on verso.  Select images are subject to limited editions. 
I N T E R V I E W E R :  His latest project is a series of interviews with individuals who are contributors to the world of art and music.  The discussions are intended to uncover dynamic social connections from inside the solitude of an artist's choices and expressions.

J E N N I F E R  A M A Y A

Jennifer's main job is to keep the interviewer and photographer free to wander.  On occasion she'll pick up a camera and does know her way around the darkroom, giving her a deep appreciation for the art.